The United Nations in support of women with autism 24/04/2018

April 2 was the World Awareness Day on Autism and, on April 5, the annual event commemorating this date was celebrated at the United Nations headquarters in New York. In this edition, the theme was “Empowering Women and Girls with Autism”, trying to highlight the challenges faced by women and girls with autism, often subject […]

Video game tests for PlayStation 05/12/2016

Various consultants of Specialisterne have begun the test of six new games created in Spain in collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain as part of the program PlayStation® Talents. As part of this agreement, powered by Animatoon Studio and PlayStation ® Spain, the first team of consultants has been trained in the demanding quality control […]

Opportunities in the field of cybersecurity 26/11/2016

The prestigious magazine Wired recently published an article which discusses the potential of people with ASD in the field of cybersecurity. The article mentions Alan Turing, who deciphered the Nazi army code system in World War II and whose profile could place him in the autism spectrum. The author, Kevin Pelphrey, cites this as an […]

The benefits of neurodiversity 11/07/2016

Working Knowledge, a Harvard Business School publication, just released an article called ‘Neurodiversity: The Benefits of Recruiting Employees with Cognitive Disabilities‘. It states that every day, more companies are accepting neurodiversity and hiring people with ASD. The article refers to a recently published case study, SAP SE: Autism at Work, that explains SAP’s diversity program in […]

Inauguration of Specialisterne Brazil 02/04/2016

Commemorating April the 2nd – Autism Awareness Day (2016) – the Brazilian office of Specialisterne, located in São Paulo, was officially inaugurated during a special event. This is the first office in Latin America. The project is backed and supported by Specialisterne Spain. It aims to be the starting point of an expansion across Brazil, […]

Specialisterne with SAP and HP in the UN 02/04/2016

Commemorating April, 2, the Word Autism Awareness Day, the UN promoted an event called “Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity”, in which Specialisterne took part. In the event several objectives that aim for the improvement of people with ASD life conditions, were discussed. The objectives are part of the SDGs, the Sustainable Development […]

100 professionals with ASD already working in SAP 23/03/2016

Three years have gone by since the program Autism at Work evolved, which was an initiative by the software multinational company SAP in collaboration with Specialisterne. What happened? More than 100 people with ASD are employed by SAP worldwide. And numbers will increase, as SAP, currently with 77.000 employees, intends to have 1% of its […]

Project with HP and the Australian Government 09/12/2015

Specialisterne joined forces with HP and the Human Resources Department of the Australian Government, in a program developed to provide training and employment for adults with ASD in software testing. In the initial phase, HP has already hired 11 people, and intends to hire many more. In the attached video (among others) we can see […]

Association with the United Nations 23/11/2015

The NGO section of the Department of Public Information (DPI) in the UN decided on November the 20th, 2015, to approve their association with the Specialisterne Foundation, which encompasses the concept and trademark of Specialisterne, and replicating them worldwide. The DPI serves as a connection between the UN and approximately 1.600 NGOs and other civil […]

Passion for beaches 03/07/2015

Consultants and students of Specialisterne Spain have collaborated in a project conducted by the company Agbar, helping to develop an app called iBeach, setting a new example of how people with ASD can be especially suitable professionals for certain types of job. iBeach is an app made for iOS and Android by Agbar, that provides […]

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