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Training to harness the talent of people with ASD/Asperger and improve their social and work capabilities

Our Training Program offers people with ASD/Asperger or similar diagnoses an opportunity to change their life based on identifying and developing skills that can be applied in a professional working environment. We work with our candidates to find out what is their special skill set, what are their personal and professional skills and interests, and what special needs or challenges they have. For most of our candidates, this initial process is often the first step in a career that they had never thought could be open to them.

Discovering talent

Our initial goal is to see beyond diagnosis and identify talent: for example, the ability to identify patterns that are not readily visible to most people, the ability to maintain a very high level of concentration for longer periods than normal, to have an excellent memory, or to be able to perform certain tasks over and over again without making a single mistake. The options are as varied as the personalities of the candidates.

We also understand that due to the nature of autism, Asperger syndrome, ADHD and other similar diagnoses, our candidates often have very specific needs or difficulties when considering a possible workplace. Some, for example, may need some flexibility in their working hours and others may need specific advice or a clear and predictable structure in their day to day. Each candidate is different. Knowing the individual needs of support, guidance and adjustments in the workplace is the work of our team of specially trained tutors.

Once the Candidate profile is determined, we work to find a job opportunity that fits him or her. If the candidate has a profile that matches work in the field of data and documentation processing, software testing or in other field of IT (Information Technology), in most cases we offer a position as a Specialisterne consultant.

In cases where a candidate’s profile does not match the jobs we have available, we offer support and additional guidance in identifying alternative employment or opportunities for additional training.


Technical Training

Candidates with ASD/Asperger or similar diagnoses are trained in areas such as software testing, and data and document processing, two areas for which candidates are often gifted and for which we demand for professionals. We also provide training for specific tasks or tools that our customers require.

The main technical training modules are:

  • Basics of programming using LEGO Mindstorm robots.
  • Project, tasks and schedule management with the scrum methodology (widely used today in the technology sector).
  • Office software, and data and document processing (with tools like Microsoft Office).
  • Software testing, including preparation for Foundation Level certification of ISTQB, which certifies software testers in over 100 countries.

Social and work training

During the 5 months of training, we simultaneously also train and prepare students in the necessary social and work skills which are essential to ensure their employability.

We believe in the potential of people and their ability to learn new strategies and behaviours that allow them to keep a job. We have a skills model that allows us to project the development of our students, consultants and all staff working for Specialisterne. For us, the social and work skills are as important as technical skills.

In Specialisterne, we use different strategies/learning tools for the development of social and work skills, such as:

  • Specific training on labour issues: confidentiality, skills chart, resume writing, interviews, etc.
  • Coaching: individual and specific support for individual development plan
  • Structured dialogue spaces to create work objectives and evaluate possible strategies to achieve them.
  • Continuous assessment: constant monitoring throughout the process to observe developments and individual needs.
  • Social and labour activities to encourage group interaction in various social situations, enhancing those suitable for a working environment


For more information

If you want to learn more about our Training Program, please click on the FAQ listed below and contact us if you have any doubts.


Courses begin: every 3-5 months in Barcelona and Madrid
Training duration: 5 months
What does the training involve? Technical, social and work skills
Training language: Spanish
What happens at the end of training?

Profile of our students

General profile of students
Student profiles for data and document processing
Students' profiles for software testing
Profiles that require an extensive academic background

Employment after training

Is there commitment to employment?
Type of contract: indefinite, full-time employment contracts
Employment with the support of a coach
Professional career
Many success stories

Cost of the course, housing and sponsorships

Course fee: Currently free
Other aids: subsidized transportation and subsistence allowance
Housing: we help to find it

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Next courses: year 2018

The next editions of the assessment and training program for people with ASD will begin in Barcelona and in Madrid.

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