Business Services

Our Specialisterne operations around the globe provide a range of professional business services to meet today’s business needs. These services range from software management, data testing and logistics, to consultancy and design – all depending on the consultant profile, and on the specific services offered by the local Specialisterne operation. At Specialisterne, we have consultants who solve valuable IT tasks such as software testing, data registration, quality control and information packaging, for a number of the leading IT and telecommunication companies around the world.

Assessment and Training

Our Assessment & Training Program offers people with autism, and similar challenges, a potentially life-changing opportunity to identify and develop talent that can be applied in a professional working environment. We work together with our candidates to figure out what their special skill-set includes, what are their personal and professional competencies and interests, and what special needs or challenges do they have. For most of our candidates, this initial process is often the first step on a career path they may have thought would never be open to them. Since 2004, our Danish operation for example, has provided assessment and training for almost 200 individuals with an autism diagnosis.

Connect With Us

Spreading awareness of Specialisterne and our goal to enable one million jobs for people with autism and similar challenges is our top priority. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Next courses: year 2020

The next editions of the assessment and training program for people with ASD will take place in April 2020 at Barcelona and Madrid.

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