Family Members

Having a child or a loved one with autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or another difficulty such as ADHD, ADD, OCD and Tourettes is likely the biggest challenge you will face in your life. Since your family member was diagnosed, your main focus has probably been on his or her care and treatment. And, like all parents, you want the best for your child. You want them to live a full and happy life. And you want them to be contributing members of society.

But parents and loved ones of people with autism often worry if their family member will ever gain meaningful employment as an adult, and therefore gain some semblance of independence and financial security. And you probably worry about a future where your family member will always be dependent on you to varying degrees.

Specialisterne can help.

Our Assessment & Training Program offers people with autism, and similar challenges, a potentially life-changing opportunity to identify and develop talent that can be applied in a professional working environment. We work together with our candidates to figure out what their special skill-set includes, what are their personal and professional competencies and interests, and what special needs or challenges do they have. For most of our candidates, this initial process is often the first step on a career path they may have thought would never be open to them.

At Specialisterne, we take talent and make opportunity

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